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What is LPG?

LPG as abbreviation of Liquedfied Petroleum Gases in English is a term mostly used in order to define the gases mostly containing 3 and 4 carbon (C3 and C4) hydrocarbons and liquefiable gases in low pressures.

In its natural form, LPG is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic substance. It is denser than air and stored in the liquid state under pressure. In case of leakage, odorants are added to it for easy detection and then brought into use. 

LPG fuel has been used in our houses from kitchen to bathroom or big industrial complexes for years and is more economical than other energy sources. In addition to being used as household, commercial and industrial fuel, LPG has also become an alternative automobile fuel to the gasoline in recent years owing to its low price. Additionally, LPG is also used as propellant gas in spray cans that you use.

Considering LPG use in terms of environmental health, it reduces hydrocarbon proportion at a level of 55% and carbon dioxide %95 compared to the proportions of the gasoline. 

Today, LPG kit is also installed on mechanic injection or electronic injection automobiles. Performance loss of a vehicle converted to LPG system is approximately 2 percent.

LPG is a fuel supported, extended by established companies and source of which is wide.

Leading companies of the world are making huge investments in this field. For example, automotive companies such as TOFAS-FIAT install this system on the automobile at the production stage and introduce LPG compatible automobiles are placed on the market.