About Autogas

Why CNG?

Economical: CNG is more economical by 65% compared to gasoline, 40% compared to diesel and 30% compared to LPG.The octane number is over 120, and is also providing the most efficient fuel combustion.

Environmentalists : CNG, near-zero emissions of the heavy metal particles from exhaust and protecting the environmental and human health is a fuel with 25% less CO2 emissions.

Safer: Because CNG is lighter than air, such as an accident or immediately rose to become airborne unlike other fuel in case of leakage and other fuels (LPG, gasoline, etc.) does not constitute accumulate on the ground explosive and flammable environment.

Secured:It does not have the risk of to be stolen from natural gas vehicle pulled out to resemble lunike other liquid fuels.

Engine friendly: reduces vibrations lack of wear on the engine, prolongs oil life for the CNG is a clean gas that does not contain contaminants.

Quieter: It is the lowest in the engine knock fuel and other fuels, according to the engine much quieter and vibrationless.