About Autogas

Why LPG?

LPG is environment friendly fuel.
LPG-fueled vehicles release less hazardous gas to the atmosphere, which means much cleaner air to breath and greener environment for us.

LPG is economical.
It is more economical than gasoline and other fuels owing to low tax application.
LPG does not give damage to the engine of your automobile.

For LPG fueled vehicles, since LPG does not leave acid and carbon wastes in the engine after combustion, it helps engine life to extend. Life of engine parts is prolonged because oil film on cylinder is not ruptured. Engine efficiency does not decrease since LPG has higher octane amount than gasoline.

Which vehicles can be converted to Lpg or Natural gas system?

LPG or Natural Gas system can be installed on gasoline-powered and carburetor vehicles with or without catalytic injection. The essential thing here is that the vehicle to be converted to LPG system should be capable of being operated by gasoline efficiently. Particularly, electricity and ignition system must be controlled before this system is installed.

Are LPG installations safe?

All components are manufactured in accordance with ECE-R67.01 regulation and tested with a pressure more than 10 fold of its operating pressure.