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About Diesel Technology

VIKARS's new invention increased ratio for Diesel to Natural Gas Conversion between 40% to 70% blend. Thanks to our R&D, research and development team’s proactive works which develop continuously. We also work very closely with our customers to understand their needs and we can implement solutions according to their specific requirements.

Other benefits of our system is mainly easier installation and easier set up process.

So payback time is generally less, since the fuel savings is relatively high.

Other companies can manage to 10% or 20% blend but VIKARS achieved at between 40%  to %60 blend for commercial vehicles as buses,trucks. According to vehicle brand, road conditions, and driving style LPG/CNG usage increases.  If machines do not need to move around much so they do not change gear much as cranes, construction machinery, tractors, large generators which working with Diesel system can be converted LPG or CNG up to 70% blend.

Principle of Converting Diesel Engines to Dual Fuel Convertion Systems

Diesel engines can be retrofitted to run on Dual Fuel Natural Gas and Diesel with the ability to operate on 100% Diesel Fuel if Natural Gas is interrupted. The system is used to lower exhaust emissions, extend diesel fuel tank run-time, reduce fuel expenses and prolong engine life and maintenance.

Natural gas enters the engine with normal combustion air through the air filter, before the turbo charger. A significantly reduced amount of diesel fuel continues into the engine, which serves as a pilot ignition source for the natural gas. Our control system maintains the proper balance of natural gas, diesel and air to meet the engine’s BTU power requirements.

Works with electronic sequential system which system used in vehicles. Gas is given from the top of the pipe from the air filter before the turbo. Gas mixed with air then mixes with motor when emission valves opens in order.

After the ignition of diesel very strong power appear in the engine. Better combustion of the particles in diesel combustion is provided. The electronic control unit provides the change in gas quantity by pressing the accelerator pedal amount.

Circuit in our electronic system has a perfect combustion by reducing the amount of air increase the amount of gas passing through the continuous gas injector is provided by the amount of diesel used.