Environmental Policy


  • Compliance with all legal regulations and other requirements of environment by carrying out our activities,
  • Continuous improvement of our environmental policy by raising environmental awareness of our employees,
  • Utilizing global resources efficiently and encouraging recovery,
  • Preventing environmental pollution or reducing such pollution to minimum at source by controlling our wastes,
  • Protecting natural environment and leaving a livable environment to the future generations by primarily starting the activity from working units


  • The most important advantage is having a department of human resources. For this reason, we aim at providing our employees with trainings, ensuring their participation in such trainings, enriching the potentials and providing our employees with ergonomic working conditions.
  • Developing mutual business relationships with our dealers, service units and suppliers as being our strategic partners and being in a close cooperation and growing and developing with them shape our quality policy. Providing measurable developments in every stage of our processes, following innovative and competitive manner, making progress with our goals, ensuring sustainability of development in our products and human resources and adopting continuous improvement as a lifestyle are also part of our quality policy.